Windows Phone is the latest operating system created by Microsoft for smartphones and is the successor to Windows Mobile. Microsoft switched from Mobile to Phone in 2010, hoping to get more of the consumer market rather than the enterprise market that Windows Mobile was targeted at during its run. Windows Phone was designed around the Metro user interface that Microsoft has been pushing for during the last few years. It works very well on touch screens, as it makes use of movable tiles that represent apps. The current version Microsoft has released is Windows Phone 7.5, but there is a lot of anticipation around Windows Phone 8, which will be released alongside Windows 8 in the latter part of 2012.

Microsoft has created the Windows Phone Store where users can download apps, audio podcasts, music, and videos. It was reported in March 2012 that the store was available in over 54 countries. As of the second quarter of 2012, Windows Mobile & Windows Phone only captured a 3.5% global smartphone market share; with the majority of the market being split between Android and iPhone devices.

Some of the features included with the Windows Phone OS are multi-touch screen support (along with an on-screen keyboard), SMS texting, Internet Explorer Mobile (similar to Internet Explorer 9), native email support for Exchange, Gmail, Hotmail, & Yahoo! Mail, compatibility with lots of video and audio formats, XBOX Live gaming support, a native Microsoft Office app, multitasking support, and bluetooth support.

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