Microsoft came out with the XBox in 2005.  We are ready for the next best gaming consolenamed XBox 720 Code-named Durango.  This is one of the prototypes and looks incredibly sweet! It reminds us of HALO for some reason. We’d really love to see it come like that. Will it have a Kinect accessory? or maybe a built in one? We’ll just have to wait it out and see.

It’s hard to imagine that the XBOX 360 could be outdone by a newer model. Time will have to tell if it’s going to really be that much better. We’re expecting the XBox Live to be redesigned and made better in one way or another and possibly have connectivity by bluetooth or wifi to iphones, ipads, android phones, windows phones, blackberries, etc.

We’ve heard that there is a new HALO in the making and we assume several of the regular games will receive updates like they always do. We’re hoping that things become even more life like than it already is. It has been rumored that the new system will not support used games from previous consoles as that “cuts” into Microsoft’s profit.

It’s really a big race between Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo as to who will come out with the next big system that will leave all of us camping out in front of our local electronics superstores for days to buy one before they come out and people double their money selling them on eBay. Have you heard more than this? Leave us a comment and give us all the details!

Currently there are no Microsoft XBox 720 Emulators (still not even an emulator available for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 but we have a feeling that they will come out when the new systems hit the market and that our newest computers will be able to run them!) but sign up below to be notified as soon as we get one: