Windows-EmulatorsWindows Emulators are some of the most popular and searched for emulators on the planet. Microsoft has long been the leader of desktop computer operating systems, well at least one of the most popular ones. There have been many different versions and releases of the Windows Operating System. Some of the more popular versions have been: Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. Windows didn’t have security features early on as it wasn’t as necessary since they didn’t connect to a network or the internet but they later had to start adding some to prevent viruses and keep the operating system as safe as possible.

Emulators aren’t just for video games. There are emulators to make your screen display how a website would look on an iphone or android mobile device, and all sorts of other emulators to suit your fancy. You may want to invest in a gaming keyboard and mouse to take full advantage of all the extra buttons and moves that you can do with these emulators. The great thing is that you can pause and save your games to resume later…no more having to leave your Mario Bros. on while you eat dinner or go to school to finish when you get back!

We hope you will enjoy all of our emulators for your Windows PCs and laptops.

Windows Emulators

Video Game Emulators Other Windows Emulators
Atari BNSF Mainframe Emulator
Atari 2600 Free Network Emulator
Atari Jaguar Free WAN Emulator
Microsoft XBox In Circuit Emulator
Microsoft XBox 360 Itrinegy Network Emulator
Microsoft XBox 720 Durango Mainframe Emulator for Windows
Neo Geo Network Emulator
Neo Geo X Network Emulator for Windows
Nintendo 3DS Network Emulator for Windows Toolkit
Nintendo 64 Network Emulator Software
Nintendo DS Online Terminal Emulator
Nintendo Game Boy PCOMM Terminal Emulator
Nintendo Game Boy Advance PPC Emulator
Nintendo Game Boy Color RFID Emulator
Nintendo GameCube Rumba Terminal Emulator
Nintendo NES Serial Terminal Emulator
Nintendo SNES Shunra WAN Emulator
Nintendo Virtual Boy Sparc Emulator
Nintendo Wii SSH Terminal Emulator
Nintendo Wii U VT100 Terminal Emulator Windows
Sega Genesis WAN Emulator
Sega Dreamcast WAN Emulator Appliance
Sega Game Gear WAN Emulator Software
Sega Saturn Windows Terminal Emulator Freeware
Sony Playstation Windows WAN Emulator
Sony Playstation 2 X-Terminal Emulator
Sony Playstation 3 3270 Terminal Emulator
Sony Playstation 4 Orbis
Sony Playstation Vita
Sony PSP