Sega Saturn came out after Sega’s Genesis and Game Gear systems.

The most popular games for the Sega Saturn include Christmas NiGHTS, Langrisser, Yu-No, Princess Crown, and Road & Track Presents: The Need for Speed.

Find the top Sega Saturn Emulators for Linux below:

#1 – Yabause (Version 0.9.10)

Yabause stands for Yet Another Buggy and Uncomplete Saturn Emulator. This is for testing purposes only, but worth looking into.

Download the Yabause Saturn Emulator

#2 – Semu (Version 07/13/1998)

Semu is an extremely old emulator, but there’s aren’t many Saturn emulator options out there so it’s worth looking into.

Download the Semu Saturn Emulator

The Sega Saturn is SEGA’s 5th generation gaming system. It was a 32-bit console released in November of 1994 to Japan, to North America in May of ’95, and to Europe in July of 1995. SEGA discontinued the Saturn in North America and Europe in ’98, and then they discontinued it in the year 2000 in Japan.

Sega sold 9.5 million Saturn units worldwide. There were an estimated 2 million sold in the United States, and an estimated 6 million sold in Japan. Even though it was popular in Japan, the Sega Saturn didn’t do so great in either North America nor Europe due to strong competition from the Sony PlayStation and then the Nintendo 64.

In 2009, IGN chose the Sega Saturn as the 18th of the best 25 video game console of all time (at that time.)

The Saturn gaming system boasted impressive hardware for its time, but the design proved to be a big inconvenience for developers that were used to the programming standards of that day. It had two CPUs plus six additional processors. Many of the chips and electrical components were not engineered to work together as good as they could have.

Our free Sega Saturn emulators will get you playing those favorite roms of yours and taking you back the late ’90s!