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Sega started selling the Sega Genesis in 1989. Sega made the games in the “no loading time” cassette form. Sonic the Hedgehog has been the face of Sega since their start. Genesis also had some other great games such as NBA Jam, Ecco the Dolphin, Vectorman, and Aerobiz Supersonic.

Here are the top Sega Genesis Emulators ever created:


Sega Genesis Emulators for Android

#1 – MD.emu (Version varies by device)

This is a very good multiple-console emulator. It works with Genesis/Mega Drive/CD and Master System/Mark III roms. Unfortunately it is not free — it costs $4.99.

Download the MD.emu Emulator for Android

#2 – Gensoid (Version 2.4.3)

Gensoid is a great free Sega Genesis emulator for Android devices.

Download the Gensoid Emulator for Android

#3 – TigerGens (Version 2.0.0)

TigerGens offers many awesome features such as save states, Wii remote support, and the ability to customize keys.

Download the TigerGens Emulator for Android

Sega Genesis Emulators for iOS

#1 – GENESIS A.D.X. Plus (Version 1.5.1)

GENESIS A.D.X. Plus is a very good Sega Genesis emulator for iOS devices.

Download the GENESIS A.D.X. Plus Emulator for iOS

#2 – genesis4iphone (Version 3.5.0)

Another terrific Sega Genesis emulator for iPhones and other iOS devices.

Download the genesis4iphone Emulator for iOS

Sega Genesis Emulators for Linux/Unix

#1 – Gens (Version 07/20/2003)

A decent Genesis emulator for Linux/Unix systems.

Download the Gens Sega Emulator

#2 – Generator (Version 05/07/2003)

Another good Sega Genesis emulator. Worth a try.

Download the Generator Sega Emulator

#3 – Regen (Version 0.95)

The last Sega Genesis emulator available. Decent speeds and compatibility.

Download the Regen Sega Emulator

Sega Genesis Emulators for Mac

#1 – DGen (Version 1.1.7)

The best Genesis emulator out there for Macs. DGen comes equipped with tons of features.

Download the DGen Sega Emulator

#2 – Kega Fusion (Version 1.1.7)

A multi-console emulator for Macs. It works great with Sega Genesis ROMs.

Download the Kega Fusion Sega Emulator

#3 – Genesis Plus (Version 1.3.1)

An accurate Genesis emulator for the Mac OS.

Download the Genesis Plus Sega Emulator

#4 – Generator (Version 0.4.4)

This emulator started off as a college project and is now the 4th best Genesis emulator for Macs.

Download the Generator Sega Emulator

#5 – GenEm (Version 0.20.2 Beta)

This is a port that has been discontinued. It is still be worth testing out though.

Download the GenEm Sega Emulator

Sega Genesis Emulators for Windows

#1 – Fusion (Version 3.64)

#1 rated free multi-system Sega emulator of all-time!

Download the Fusion Sega Emulator

#2 – Gens (Version 2.14)

Free Sega Genesis / Sega Mega Drive emulator.

Download the Gens Sega Emulator

#3 – Gens Plus! (Version

Emulator for Sega gaming systems rated #3 by users like you and, as always, free!

Download the Gens Plus! Sega Emulator

#4 – Gens32 (Version 1.86HD)

Free Sega emulator sure to impress.

Download the Gens32 Sega Emulator

#5 – Ages (Version 0.29)

Sega Genesis & Mega Drive emulator.

Download the Ages Sega Emulator

Sega Genesis Emulators for Windows Phone

#1 – Blue Tomato (Version

Blue Tomato can emulator both Sega Genesis/Master Drive and Sega Game Gear roms. It costs $1.29 from the Windows Store, but it’s worth the purchase.

Download the Blue Tomato Sega Emulator


The Sega Genesis was the most happenin’ gaming system right next to the Super Nintendo. We loved the controllers and games. The first edition of the console was larger than the second. Sega really had some good things going for it and it’s a shame that they didn’t keep their legacy going into the present day.

Being THE alternative to the SNES the Sega Genesis had pretty big shoes to fill. You were the cool kid on the block if you had both a Super Nintendo AND a SEGA.

Our emulators will play all the SEGA Genesis games that you will want it to. We anticipate that there will not be any more roms created than those currently available that you can find on other websites but believe you me that there are tons and tons and tons of them available.

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