Sega sequeled its first gaming system, the SEGA Genesis, with the Dreamcast in 1998. Unlike its predecessors, the Dreamcast used discs and the system was very small compared to other gaming consoles. The Dreamcast’s lifespan was short but has been recognized as ahead of its time because of its feautures and online gaming capabilities which included an internal modem and internet support. Some of the top games include the Sonic series, Soul Calibur, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2, Jet Grind Radio, and the 2K sports games.

Here are the top Sega Dreamcast Emulators that we could find for Linux:

#1 – Lxdream (Version 0.91)

Worth a try, but don’t expect perfect emulation.

Download the Lxdream Dreamcast Emulator

#2 – Swirly (Version 20030318)

Another Dreamcast emulator that’s worth a try.

Download the Swirly Dreamcast Emulator

The SEGA Dreamcast console bragged a remarkably small footprint compared to all other gaming systems before, during, and after its lifetime. The logo for the Dreamcast was a cool little squiggle and we all thought the games rocked. The controllers were ultra unique and featured a cut-out type of hole at the top for the expansion unit that could be used to save games and such and you could later play mini games on it. They were definitely thinking outside the box. We have oftentimes wondered to ourselves why gaming systems have all been so large ever since. It’s possible that since the Dreamcast didn’t do so great that other companies thought that it was possibly somewhat attributed to its small size?

Anyways here you will find the emulators you are looking for to play your favorite roms with superb ease and volatile mad skill like you’ve never known you possesse, yeah it’s like that!