Nintendo’s Wii was the first gaming system that used two wireless remotes as controllers with a sensor that communicated and translated user movements into moves on the game. It came out in 2006. Popular games are Mario, Sonic, and Super Smash Bros. Many extra components could be added such as steering wheels, golf clubs, baseball bats, tennis raquets and more that the main remote would fit in to.

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Here is the only Nintendo Wii Emulator available:


Nintendo Wii Emulators for Windows

#1 – Dolphin (Version 4.0.2)

This is the only free Nintendo Wii emulator that has been programmed so far. It also works for the Nintendo Gamecube.

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Installation Tutorial Video

The Dolphin Emulator in Action


Do you want to watch videos of Dolphin emulator playing Nintendo Wii games and see what it’s capable of doing? Then check out the following YouTube playlists we have created.

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Dolphin 4.0.2 | Super Mario Galaxy | Let’s Play / Walkthrough – All 120 Stars [1080p HD]


Usually the console came with Wii Sports. Many people loved the bowling, golfing, and tennis mini games on this game. The movement of the controllers to actually move the character or car, etc. on the screen was just what my sister needed when regular Nintendo first came out and she was flailing her arms around trying to get the characters to move instead of simply controlling their movements with the d pad!

The emulator that we have found for you works great for all the roms that you want to play from Wii games.

The Nintendo Wii was a huge step forward for virtual gaming and wii think that things will continue to move in the direction of have sensors and controllers that are sensitive to movements such as the XBox 360’s Kinect and similar to the way that that sensors are placed on athletes and dancers to register their real life movements to translate them to the avatar/characters on the game.

The Wii console has come out in various colors and game/controller combinations to appeal to as many people as possible.

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