Nintendo started selling its 16-bit cassette based system in 1991 and sold it for many years. The Super Nintendo introduced gaming’s 3D capabilities. The SNES was the best-selling 16-bit gaming system even though it came into the market after the 16-bit Sega Genesis system. The most popular SNES games include Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, and Chrono Trigger.

Here are the top Super Nintendo Emulators ever created for Windows:

#1 – ZSNES (Version 1.51)

The best free Super Nintendo emulator created. It works for Windows AND DOS.

Download the ZSNES Super Nintendo Emulator

#2 – Snes9x (Version 1.53)

This Super Nintendo emulator has ports that support several systems.

Download the Snes9x Super Nintendo Emulator 32-bit

#3 – bsnes (Version 0.77)

This Super Nintendo emulator is the favorite of many.

Download the bsnes Super Nintendo Emulator

#4 – SNEeSE (Version 0.853)

Free Super Nintendo emulator for DOS ONLY!

Download the SNEeSE Super Nintendo Emulator

#5 – SnEM (Version 0.02)

Free SNES emulator voted #5 by our last user survey.

PC Requirements: XP or greater, 1.5ghz processor, 1gb ram

Download the SnEM Super Nintendo Emulator

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is the favorite of many people. The console design wasn’t that much better than the regular Nintendo Entertainment System and some argue that the design was worse because you had a game sticking out the top similar to the design of the Sega Genesis and others. We hope how the first Nintendo door would close and conceal the game.

The emulators that you will find on our site work great with SNES roms that you should be able to find elsewhere. We have posted the top five freeware emulators on our site right here on this page for the Super Nintendo 16-Bit gaming system.

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