Nintendo 64 came out in 1996. The most popular games on this console were: Donkey Kong 64, Mario Bros. 64, GoldenEye 007, Top Gear Rally, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in Japan, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and Star Wars: Episode I Pod Racer.

Here are the top Nintendo 64 Emulators ever created:

#1 – Mupen64Plus AE (Version 2.4.4)

This free N64 emulator has become the best one available for Android. Download from Google play.

Download the Mupen64Plus AE N64 Emulator for Android

#2 – N64oid (Version 2.2.1)

A very good, but no longer supported Nintendo 64 emulator for Android.

Download the N64oid N64 Emulator for Android

The controllers for this system were strange and shaped funny. The controller had three “handles” coming down. These emulators work great and will let you play all those games that you have been wishing you could play again. If you are holding on to one of your old Nintendo 64 systems to collect it and the games and controllers in hopes that they will be worth something some day it is nice to play your games on a computer with an emulator so you don’t wear out your original ones.

Nintendo 64 was a great step for Mario Bros. especially because it was in a 3D version that just completely, absolutely, and utterly blew our socks off. This having raised the bar as well as Zelda 64 Ocarina of Time that was also in 3D really boosted the standard for games and graphics at the time and for the future.

Things made by Nintendo have always had a “fun” feeling to them whereas some of the other systems are more “hard” or created for those of an older generation but you will love our free emulators!

Mupen64Plus AE Emulator Settings / Configuration for Android