The Neo Geo (ネオジオ Neo Jio?) was a cartridge-based arcade type system and home video gaming system that made its debut in January of 1990.

The Japanese gaming company SNK was the responsible party. The Neo Geo gaming lineup was only popular in the 90’s. The hardware boasted vibrant and colorful 2D graphics for the standards of that day and age.

Here are the top Neo Geo Emulators for Unix ever created:

#1 – Gngeo (Version 0.5.9a)

This is a nice Neo Geo emulator for Linux/Unix.

Download the Gngeo Neo Geo Emulator


Another Neo Geo Linux/Unix free emulator that is worth a try.

Download the NEOCD-SDL Neo Geo Emulator

The Neo Geo home version had some innovations to claim to its arsenal as it was the first video game console to use a removable and portable memory card unit which was incredible for that time period.

Neo Geo was known as The MVS (Multi Video System,) in the coin-operated arcade game industry. The reason is because Neo Geo offered arcade owners/operators an ability to install as many as six different actual arcade titles into a single cabinet which would share the same monitor. This was a great consideration for those arcade owners/operators with limited floorspace in their arcade. The games were stored on cartridges and could easily be exchanged for a different title and cabinet’s artwork could also be changed and be reused at a later date. Some of the most popular games were Fatal Fury, The King of Fighters, Metal Slug and Samurai Shodown.

The home version of the Neo Geo system was marketed as the AES (Advanced Entertainment System) to the wealthy and those who were already crazy enough about video games to pay super premium prices for the time. It was marketed as a 24-bit system but it was really a 16-bit system paired up with an 8-bit Zilog Z80 as coprocessor so in a sense it was 24-bit. The coprocessor was used for sound processing. The Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis both had similar coprocessors, but neither responsibly enough, neither acted like they were 24-bit.

The Neo Geo was officially ranked 19th out of 25 in the best video game consoles of all time by IGN in the year 2009.

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