Looking for some a Terminal Emulator that will give you a Linux Terminal on a Windows computer? Well look no further, because we have just what you want. The below emulator will run straight from your web browser, and it provides you with a command line shell so you can test out various commands and become familiar with how they work all while using a Windows operating system environment.

Linux Online Terminal Emulator Windows

For Linux/Unix, we recommend the JS/UIX – Online Terminal. It is created entirely in JavaScript, and it works as a standalone script in your web browser without the need of any plugins! That means this will work just fine if you are on a Windows machine, an Android tablet, Mac, or anything with a web browser that supports Java! Cool, huh? Once you visit the site below, all you need to do is click “open terminal” and then you can test out several commands to become more familiar with the command line user interface in Linux and Unix. It offers several cool features, such as keyboard mapping, screen mapping, a virtual machine, and a virtual file system. Test it out by click on the picture or link below.


JS/UIX – Online Terminal Emulator

Linux Terminal Emulators that work on Windows are pretty hard to come by since you cannot technically run Linux commands on a Windows machine. They are two totally different languages, so they cannot interpret codes from each other. However, if you’re just looking for a way to simulate a Linux Terminal on your Windows machine to become familiar with the command-line interface and tinker around with how commands work, then the above option is a great place to start. Linux commands can be quite a bit more complex and complicated than Windows commands, so if you’ve never used Linux before and are thinking about installing it onto a device, then using the above terminal will get you off to a good start.