Sony came out with the Playstation 3 in 2006. We are ready for the next best gaming console to come out code named Orbis. We aren’t sure that it’ll be called Playstation 4 or even be PS4 for short but Orbis is the nick for now but we also aren’t sure when it will be coming out but will have better screen resolution than current HDTVs!!!

It has been rumored that the new system will not support used games from previous consoles as that “cuts” into Sony’s profit. This is somewhat of a bummer but sometimes you have to step back and see things the way that the owners of these companies see things. If a lot of people buy the new systems with only a couple of games and then play a lot of their old games on it then Sony doesn’t make as much money. We personally think this is silly because if the new games are good enough and really (and I mean really) cool then people will be buying them anyways. Here are we don’t like to continue to play “old” games when fresher versions come out.

Currently there are no Sony Orbis Emulators or even Playstation 3 ones out yet but we do plan on seeing some once the new version of the Playstation comes out. It has also been rumored that our current computers wouldn’t be able to compute the graphics of the current playstation 3 and xbox 360 games but we think that with our current computing technology that we will be able to with a high end CPU, lots of RAM, and a good enough Power Supply to keep everything running with enough power.

So yeah, there aren’t currently any Orbis Emulators but sign up below to be notified as soon as we get one.