Sega Master System Emulators

Sega Master System Background

master-system-emulatorThe Master System is an 8-bit console released by Sega in 1986 here in the States.  It was a direct competitor of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) back in the day.  Sales have been estimated to be around 13 million consoles worldwide.  Wikipedia notes that 341 games were released for the SMS, with some of the more popular ones including Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Fantasy Zone, Space Harrier, After Burner, and Double Dragon.

Below are the Sega Master System Emulators available:

More Info on the Sega Master System

The Sega Master System was released in Japan in 1985 (a year before it came to the United States).  It was originally known as the Sega Mark III.  Once it released to the States in 1986, it was renamed Master System.

The box art for most Master System games had a white background with a black grid across the entire box, which created a very distinctive look for the games.

Even though I was way into the NES back when it was in its prime, I had never even heard of the Master System until a few year ago–everyone I knew that played games also had the NES, then moved on to the SNES and/or Genesis.  However, from videos I’ve watched and articles I read, everyone that did own a Master System back in the day hold it in high regards.

The RetroArch Emulator in Action

RetroArch is one is the best emulators out there as it is capable of playing tons of different consoles/handhelds and it works on tons of platforms!  It can play Sega Master System games beautifully.  Do you want to watch a video of the RetroArch emulator playing a SMS game and see what it’s capable of doing? Then check out the following YouTube video we have created.