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Sega Game Gear Emulators

Sega Game Gear Background

Released in the early ’90s, the Sega Game Gear portable console featured many awesome game franchises such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Star Wars, Spider-Man, X-Men, Batman, Battletoads, and Chuck Rock.

Below are the Sega Game Gear Emulators available:

More Info on the Sega Game Gear

The Game Gear was developed by Sega as a rival color handheld gaming system to the Nintendo Game Boy.  It was released in the USA in 1991.  While it became quite popular in its own right, the Sega Game Gear never became as big as the Game Boy due to lack of third party developer support.  However, the handheld still ended up with a decent-sized library of games at around 390.

The Game Gear had very nice specs for its time, sporting an 8-bit, 3.58 MHz processor, 160×144 resolution 3.2″ color screen, and 8 KB of RAM.  When the handheld first hit the shelves in America, it sold for a hefty $150.  Several cool accessories were created for the Game Gear including the “Game Gear TV Tuner” that allowed users to watch live TV on their handheld screens, the “Gear-to-Gear Cable” which allowed two systems to connect together for multi-player support, and the “Super Wide Gear” magnifier that made the screen look larger than 3.2″.

One of the major drawbacks to the handheld console was the batteries — it required 6 AAs that only lasted 4-5 hours.  This was in a day and age where rechargeable AA batteries weren’t nearly as popular and available as they are today, so parents had to spent a lot of money on batteries to keep their kids happy.  The emulators you’ll find here are capable of playing all the games via roms and you won’t have to worry about battery life.

The RetroArch Emulator in Action

RetroArch is one is the best emulators out there as it is capable of playing tons of different consoles/handhelds and it works on tons of platforms!  It can play Sega Game Gear games beautifully.  Do you want to watch a video of the RetroArch emulator playing a Game Gear game and see what it’s capable of doing? Then check out the following YouTube video we have created.