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Nintendo Wii U Emulators

Nintendo Wii U Background

wii-u-emulatorThe next generation Nintendo Wii, the Wii U is pretty awesome! It is similar to the original Nintendo Wii, but it has a much better graphics processor that is capable of outputting games in HD with slightly better power than the 360 or PS3!

Below are the Nintendo Wii U Emulators available:

Nintendo Wii U Emulators for Windows

More Info on the Nintendo Wii U

A new project appeared on October 13th, 2015 called Cemu–the world’s first somewhat functioning Nintendo Wii U emulator! The first release is version 1.0.0, and it has the ability to boot decrypted games in multipled formats (.wud, .iso, RPX/RPL files). It has support for HD graphics right out of the gate, so that’s nice. The compatibility is pretty low right now (I’m working on a compatibility list below the download link on this page). There’s also no audio support right now, it only works on Windows 64-bit operating systems, and the FPS on games that do work is very low for the most part. That’s all to be expected with a first release though.

The creator of Cemu, Exzp, plans on optimizing (he says it has not been optimized at all yet) the emulator to make it work better in the coming weeks/months, so stay tuned.

Original breaking release: GBATEMT

The Cemu Emulator in Action

Cemu is the best Nintendo Wii U emulator out there.  It can play quite a few Nintendo Wii U games beautifully.  Do you want to watch videos of the Cemu emulator playing Wii U games to see what it’s capable of doing? Then check out the following YouTube video we have created.