Nintendo Switch Emulators

Nintendo Switch Background

switch-emulatorThe Nintendo Switch was released in March of 2017.  It is the successor to the somewhat failed Wii U console.  The Nintendo Switch quickly outsold the Wii U within a year of its release.  The console itself is a tablet with NVIDIA hardware that has detachable controllers, called “Joycons.”

The Switch can be played in portable mode or in TV mode.  While not as powerful as its rivals in the Sony PS4 and Xbox One, the Switch has been very well received thus far and looks to be a very successful console for Nintendo far into the future.

Below are the Nintendo Switch Emulators available:

More Info on the Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch was known as codename NX during it’s initial development cycle.  It takes what the Wii U did, but makes the system a hybrid portable/console.  The system comes with a dock so you can easily “switch” from portable to TV mode.

Games for the Switch come in cartridge format, and many third party video game companies have jumped on board to port old games as well as create new ones for the system.  Third party support was a major factor in the Wii U’s failure, so hopefully the support will keep up (and even grow) for the lifespan on the Switch.

The yuzu Emulator in Action

yuzu is one of the best Nintendo Switch emulators out there.  It is still a very new emulator though, so don’t expect great results from it until the developers have had more time to code it.  Do you want to watch videos of the yuzu emulator playing Switch games to see what it’s capable of doing? Then check out the following YouTube playlist we have created.