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Nintendo GameCube Emulators

Nintendo GameCube Background

Nintendo Gamecube made its debut in 2001. There were 640 games created for the Gamecube. Nintendo sold 22 million consoles of this system. The top Gamecube games released are Metroid Prime, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Resident Evil 4, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Soul Calibur II, and Super Mario Sunshine.

Below are the Nintendo GameCube Emulators available:

More Info on the Nintendo GameCube

While the GameCube didn’t sell quite as well as other Nintendo consoles (i.e. the Wii, NES, and SNES), it is still highly regarded by many as a great system.  In fact, we here are Free Emulator liked it so much that it was the first console where we did emulator YouTube videos of every North American released game using the Dolphin emulator!

GameCube games came on somewhat strange discs called miniDVDs.  These miniDVDs were only 3.15 inches in diameter and only held 1.4GB of data on them.  This small size (both physically and space wise) did not stop many third party companies from releasing games on multiple platforms (PS2, Xbox, and GCN), even  though PS2 and Xbox used standard sized DVDs that were capable of holding up to 4.7GB of data.

The Dolphin Emulator in Action

Dolphin is the best Nintendo GameCube emulator out there.  It can play most Nintendo GameCube games beautifully–and they can be rendered in HD or even 4K and beyond graphics!  Do you want to watch a videos of the Dolphin emulator playing a GCN games to see what it’s capable of doing? Then check out the following YouTube playlist we have created.