Want to emulate Android apps like Angry Birds or Temple Run on your computer? Look no further–we have just what you want. We’ll provide you with information, screenshots, and downloads to get Android apps up and running on your Windows or Mac computers in no time flat. Below you’ll find the best three Android Emulators that are currently available!

#1 – BlueStacks Android Emulator

BlueStacks is an awesome program that can be run on Windows, Mac, and Android itself. It doesn’t emulate the actual Android operating system… what it does is allow you to load and run individual apps. Once you have BlueStacks installed on your computer, simply run it and search for your desired apps, install an app, and then run it. Since most Android apps are created for a touch-screen, this programs works really well with Windows 8 computers/tablets. It also has an app sync feature, so you can load the apps onto multiple platforms It’s definitely worth a try, we think you’ll like it.


Download for Windows | Download for Mac

#2 – YouWave Android Emulator

Want a full Android experience on your Windows 32/64-bit operating system? Well, YouWave supports running the complete Android operating system up to 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich right on your desktop PC. Some of YouWave’s key features include game saving via a simulated SD card, state saving, multi-player online functionality, screen rotation, volume buttons, and a control panel.

Our download link provides you with a free 10-day trial so you can get an idea of what all YouWave is capable of doing. After the trial is up, you can purchase the program for $19.99 if you like it. YouWave has been downloaded over 5 million times according to their website, and it’s highly recommend by many people on the Internet.


Download for Windows

#3 – Android SDK Android Emulator

Guess what? Google has actually made a way for you to emulate their operating system on your Windows computer. They designed this mainly for developers, but what’s stopping you from using it too? Nothing! You can do this by installing the Android SDK (Software Development Kit).

You’ll need to have Java installed on your PC, then download the SDK from our links below, and then run the .exe file to install it. Once you open the SDK Manager, you’ll be able to choose exactly how you want it to emulate–from the device model to the version of Android (including Jelly Bean!) Give this a try, you won’t be disappointed. Note that the downloads are 400+ MB, so it’ll take a bit to finish.


Download for Windows (32-bit) | Download for Windows (64-bit)