Atari was the first mass-produced video game console. It became available for purchase in 1972. The 1st game was Pong. The best games were: Adventure, Asteroids, Tempest 2000, Combat, and Pitfall. Its accessories included: the Lazer Quick Fire, the Pointmaster Fire Control which both allowed “rapidfire” while holding the button, and the Triggerstik which slid onto an Atari Joystick for top-fire button controlling.

Here’s the best Atari emulator we could get our hands on for Windows Phone:

#1 – EMU7800 (Version

The best (and free) Atari emulator out there for Windows Phone. It can emulate Atari 7800 as well as 2600 roms, so have fun with those retro games on your phone.

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We really feel that the Atari gaming system really paved the road for the trail of video games systems that have come out ever since. Of course the Atari was very basic and simple compared to what we have today but you’ve got to start somewhere, right? Some people love how simple the Atari system and its games were but unless you played it when you were younger you’d probably think it were a waste of time.

Many people at the time didn’t think the the home gaming console would be that popular but it’s interesting though because around the same general time arcade games were becoming popular. Having a gaming system at home was the coolest thing since sliced bread or wait was it that the Atari was the coolest thing until sliced bread? Which came first???? 🙂

The Stella and Z26 emulators will power the roms that you have been wanting to play again all these years with ease. Please feel free to download them both and even any or all of the free emulators on the entire site. Also feel free to invite all your friends to download the ones that they want as well.