Android is a smartphone and tablet operating system that Google bought from Android Inc in 2005. Google waited to unveil the operating system until 2007 at an open standards consortium. Android quickly became extremely popular due to its open-source linux structure, which allows developers to easily create apps for the OS and share them with others. Android is the biggest competitor to Appleā€™s iOS, which is the operating system used by iPhones and iPads. In early 2012, it was reported that Android had a large share of the smartphone market at around 60% globally.

Recent sales figures show that over half a billion Android devices have been activated. As of June 2012, Google reported that over 600K apps were in their app store, called Google Play, and that over 20 billion apps have been downloaded from their store. Some of the best Android apps include Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, Google Maps, Angry Birds, Temple Run, Pandora, Netflix, & Skype.

Android devices come packed with tons of features such as multi-touch screens, video chat, multitasking, wifi tethering, MMS & SMS texting, native support for common audio/video file formats, bluetooth, and external storage via microSD card slots. One cool thing about having bluetooth support is that several emulator developers have utilized it so you can use bluetooth-enabled video game controllers, such as a Wii remote or PS3 controller, to play roms on your Android devices!


Android Emulators

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